In my group of close friends, I am known for my knit “fishy” dishcloths. I recently contacted the creator of the pattern that I use and got her permission to share the free pattern and sell the colourful dishcloths that I make. I love making them, and like to give at least one as a gift to each of my friends before I will accept paid commissions from them.

When I first started, I followed the pattern completely and used one solid colour, but soon branched out from that and changed up the colour for the “lips” and tails. I don’t think any of my solid colour dishcloths are still around.

Next, I started varying the colours in the cloth by using coordinating colours. This leads to a ton of extra work in weaving in the ends, but I feel it’s worth it. When I discovered scrubby yarn, I started making my dishcloths with a 2-inch strip of scrubby in the middle of the cloth, then added it to the tail as well.

Here is the link to the original pattern. It is very similar to the basic knit dishcloth that many knitters know, but with a fun twist. You can also buy a print-ready version of the pattern and support the designer on Ravelry.

Let me know if you’ve tried the pattern and please share your finished cloths on Instagram!