Welcome to A Joyful Homestead

Tomato garden
Building a raised bed

Hi I’m Christina, an urban homesteader, blogger and Pinterest manager living in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. 

Whether you live in the city or in a rural area, you can be a homesteader! A Joyful Homestead is a place for you to find inspiration, tips on gardening and preserving, fun practical crafts, and recipes that make cooking healthy meals from scratch easy.

I’m here to share my journey, including both my mistakes and successes, with people who also believe in lifelong learning. We are never too old to learn new skills!

When I’m not gardening, cooking or crafting, I enjoy reading, camping, and visiting my friends in the country. Someday I hope to move to a rural acreage, but for now I’m doing as much as I can to live the homesteading lifestyle in an 80 year old house on a city lot.

My husband is a carpenter, and his work currently takes him away from home much of the time. For now, he is happy to help me on the weekends by building garden beds, trellises and cold frames, as well as helping to harvest and preserve our garden bounty. However, he is greatly anticipating moving to our own piece of land where he can contribute more, by designing and building us a new home, outbuildings and garden beds.  He gets his “building itch” scratched by volunteering his time and expertise to others who are building their rural and urban homesteads.